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Monday, November 19, 2007

Fellow taonanites! :D
School's finally over, but for the p6s, it's gonna be sad. They graduated last Friday and sang the school song for the last time in Mandarin. :( They've left their primary school, which is actually the school where they'll study in for the longest period of time. And they'll be collecting their PSLE results on the 22nd of nov, which is this coming Thursday. So people, pray hard that they'll achieve good grades! :) Hopefully the top in our school will achieve even better results than what was attained last year.

For the p5s, they're going to be the oldest of the lot next year! P5s, do work doubly hard so as to score well and do the school proud for PSLE next year. Your hard work and effort will most definitely be paid off when you see the excellent results on your report card. I'm sure the p6s this year will see this happen soon, when they receive their results on Thursday. But p6s, don't stress out now!

Do rest and relax well in this holidays! (: It's going to be a long one. But also at the same time, prepare for your next year. Also, let's bid farewell to the p6s as they climb on to the next point of their life journey.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hello fellow taonanites!
Hm, the p6s have survived their psle! Now its time for the rest of the school to take the endofyears. Best best best of luck ppl, shine like stars above in your upcoming exams. Its really worth it to mug now and see the results at the end of the exams. You'll feel extremely satisfied. So, work hard and i assure you that your efforts will NOT be in vain. (: As for the p6s, its time to lie back and relax! Your results for psle will be the fruits of the 6 long years you've spent in taonan. Hopefully you guys have done to the best of your ability in the exam. But, even if you felt that you could have done better, there's no use crying over spilt milk! Just get on with life, yeah? [:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hi everyone, im back.
Have been studying.. ): Hope everyone is starting their revision for the End of years, especially the p6s.

The runners of Tao Nan have once again done us proud in the Nationals. People, be proud of them!

The first day of preliminary exam for the P6s is oral, on 28 July. Do work hard, fellow P6s.

The sailing team have also done us proud by winning trophies in the recent regatta. Most of the sailors won golds and also silvers.

The year has been passing by really quickly, and soon before you realise, it'll be another new year. So, those who haven't been cherishing your time with all your peers, do cherish the lovely times with them. And also, not to forget, do not let your hatred grow for your teachers for they were the ones who brought you this far. Be grateful that you have a teacher like that. Alright? There were some seniors who came back on thursday to give a talk on PSLE. To all p6s, they scored really high in PSLE, so, do learn from them!


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hi people! Pardon me for not posting for so long! I've been studying for the coming exams. Yup, and that explains why i havent been posting.

Here are the upcoming/past events:

- The SHHK sports meet :
The track team has done us proud by clinching second for the overall results - one mark away from nan chiau! And first in teacher's race! Round of applause, please. :D

- Inter-school badminton :
For the very first time, all four divisions got into the finals and the badminton team came in first overall! They have also done us proud!

- SA1 Examinations :
The SA1 examinations are a few days away. Hope all of you have been studying real hard. Th p6s, work hard towards your goal! The same goes to the rest of you. Jiayou, tao nan!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Hi everyone! Here are some of the latest happenings. Enjoy reading!

1) SparkC camp for the p5s:
==> The p5s will be going for SparkC camp pretty soon. Well, actually some of them had already gone for it. They will probably be staying there for 3days and 2nights and there'll be many challenges for them. Some of them are abseiling, CRC and flying fox. It'll be so much fun!

2) National Inter-Primary School Wushu Championships:
==> The National Inter-Primary School Wushu Championships will be held on 26 - 30 March. The Tao Nan wushu team will also be participating in this upcoming event. Let us all wish them luck!

3) SA1 examinations:
==>The SA1 examinations are drawing near! Have you all started studying? I hope so. And there'll be a suspension of supplementary lessons during that period of time. Here's to wish everyone good luck for their examinations!

All the best in everything you do!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hello again! Yes, it's me again.But for the last time. I won't be posting again at this blog. I'm an ex-taonanite now and have no information about whats on in Tao Nan..but I've found someone to help us to maintain and update the blog.So from the next post onwards it will be by the new Tao Nanite.I will be checking on the blog regularly and tagging.Farewell! =)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Greetings to all!

The PSLE results have been released and our school has done very well this year! The highest score in our school was 276 ( 2 students from the GEP got it). Also , there was 100% overall passes in Tao Nan!! This year's results improved from last year's ( no offence to anyone) and the teachers and principal are very delighted. The highest score in Singapore was 281, deproved from last year's 285. Congratulations to the 2 GEP students who scored 276, but it was a pity..they were just 5 marks away from the top score! Nevertheless,all P6s did exceptionally well this year.We wish you good luck in your future endeavours!=)

Oh yes, how was the Carnival of the Century? The rides weren't as fun and exciting as we all expected( except for the Super Top Dancer ride in the carpark). There was a good variety of entertainment activities, like the stalls along the carpark and assembly area, dunking in the parade square, XBox games in the Maths room....the food and drinks were smartly positioned all around the grounds. Overall, I would give it a rate of 4 stars. =D

May all go to your dream schools in future! We hereby wish all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! =DD

Tao Nanite